Bilbao BBK Live: Florence + The Machine, The Chemical Brothers, The Blaze, and many more on its 2023 edition

The Lathums, 070 Shake, Tinariwen, Love of Lesbian, Rojuu, Ben Yart, Albany, Delaporte, and more artists join the previously announced Arctic Monkeys

Like every year, the festival will be held in Kobetamendi, and this year will take place from July 6 to 8, 2023  

The graphic image of the 16th edition of the festival features snapshots from Supereuskadi, the photographic essay from the artist Vicente Paredes  

A Basque word composed of Harri: stone and Jaso: to elevate  

Through the photography of the harrijasotzailes Ousmane Dramé and Garazi Arruti, part of the work Supereuskadi by Vicente Paredes, Bilbao BBK Live presents the first names on the lineup of its sixteenth edition. Arctic Monkeys were recently announced as the first headliner of the festival, and today, 24 more names are added to the lineup including, Florence + The Machine, The Chemical Brothers and The Blaze as part of the frontlines of Bilbao BBK Live 2023, to be held July 6, 7, and 8, 2023 at Kobetamendi.

First artists confirmed for Bilbao BBK Live 2023

It has been four years since Florence Welch passed through Bilbao BBK Live, and repeating that unforgettable moment is essential to further enhance our adoration for Florence + The Machine. With their new album, Dance Fever, and their timeless hits, they will once again make history on Basque soil. The Blaze and The Chemical Brothers left their mark on the festival, and that is why it was necessary to feel their electronic hits in the heart of Kobetamendi, as well as enjoy their atmospheric and bewitching live performances once again.

Every Bilbao BBK Live lineup is a sonorous exploration of the different musical styles of our planet. The folk sounds of the Manchester quartet The Lathums complete the British cast in this first batch of names. The hip hop of the future is 070 Shake, and the group from New Jersey will bring their irrefutable Double Sided: Indie to Kobetamendi with energy and overflowing personality in a show that will be unforgettable. There is always room for exotic sounds in the festival, and in this edition they will be represented by the African Tuareg group Tinariwen and their desert and electrifying sounds.  

This journey through the different styles and origins of the artists on the lineup cannot continue without the obligatory stop at the national scene led by Santi Balmes’ band Love of Lesbian, or with special emphasis on the already solid urban scene, which will have an important representation on the festival’s schedule with the most brazen Navarrese Ben Yart, the queen of the cutest sad trap Albany and the teenage emo trap idol Rojuu. Of course, there will be an important electro-pop presence with Delaporte and Playback Maracas, traditional and electronic sounds with Baiuca, the Murcian rock of Arde Bogotá, and the boyband Colectivo Da Silva.  

Basque-label artists are part of the festival’s DNA, and to that end, the avant-garde and representatives of Basque synth pop Merina Gris and the current benchmark of Basque urban pop Bengo could not be missing as part of the first names that make up the 2023 lineup.  

It wouldn’t be Bilbao BBK Live without electronic sounds. If the festival wasn’t already known worldwide for its legendary space dedicated to Basoa dance music, it would be known for the DJs and producers that complete its program each year. Young Marco, Job Jobse, Ben Ufo, Dinamarca, Call Super, Violet and many more will fill both the festival’s forest and the official dance floor with the most cutting-edge sounds.  

Supereuskadi, union between art and music

At Bilbao BBK Live, art in all its forms is as fundamental as the lineup. That’s why this year’s poster features the photographic essay by Vicente Paredes from Alicante, in an art-music alliance that is habitual of the festival. Supereuskadi shows a journey through the culture and society of this land via the eyes of the photographer.

The festival and the artist come together in this edition with the common goal of showing the identity and idiosyncrasy of Euskadi. The artist does this through his snapshots and as he himself says, “The festival is an alternative platform to give visibility to the project and reach many more people, especially the national and international public.”

The festival brings its main value to the forefront—the territory that has hosted this musical event for more than 15 years—thus expanding the experience of the public, since Bilbao BBK Live is much more than music. The festival is an experience where any artistic expression is welcome, and this time it does so in the form of photography, sharing the limelight with the bands that make up the lineup.  

Bilbao BBK Live, an award-winning festival

The 2023 edition is presented as the must-attend event in this summer’s festival circuit, and we’re not the only ones who thing so—Bilbao BBK Live has recently been awarded with two Premios Fest awards:  Best Large Format Festival’ and ‘Best Camping Area’.

Sowing awareness and oxygen

The Organization of the festival pays special attention to current affairs and is committed to the care of natural areas, especially being the enclosure that hosts a fundamental part of the event. They strive to emphasize the importance of raising awareness about climate change and the urgency of caring for the natural environment in which we live. To that end, and as it was already done with both sales and presales in late October, the Organization has committed to allocate €3 of each ticket sold to the reforestation of the area burned in Balmaseda, Enkarterri—the lungs of Bizkaia—to contribute their part to the affected area.

Tickets are still on sale on this page and at See Tickets, with the possibility of paying in installments and purchasing camping passes.  


July 6, 7, and 8 2023

Kobetamendi, Bilbao

3-Day Pass: 150€

3-Day Pass + camping: 170€

On sale at this page and at See Tickets