Herrian 2024 en Sondika

Bilbao BBK Live: Sondika Embraces the Second Edition of Herrian, Bringing Live Music to Its Streets

Cala Vento, María Escarmiento, El Último Vecino, and Many More Bands join a free cultural and festive event organized by Fundación Industrias Creativas and Fundación BBK

Today, the town of Sondika took center stage in the second edition of Herrian (“in the village”). With the support of Bilbao BBK Live, Fundación BBK, and Fundación Industrias Creativas, the streets of Sondika were filled with live music in a free, open-access event. Performances by Cala Vento, María Escarmiento, El Último Vecino, and many other bands were spread across three stages located in Labarrena Park, Goiri Square, and the parking lot next to the train station. Following the June 1st celebration of Hirian (“in the city” in Basque) in the Rekalde neighborhood of Bilbao, Bilbao BBK Live, established as one of Europe’s most prominent cultural projects, continues its mission to be a cultural and social tool. Through Herrian , it enriches the cultural offerings of Vizcaya, the region where it originated, by connecting with other municipalities.

Herrian is born from the collaboration between Fundación BBK and Fundación Industrias Creativas, who, alongside Bilbao BBK Live, maintain an unwavering commitment to music, culture, and diversity. This social project aims to create a unique experience that goes beyond the festival’s limits, becoming a catalyst for social change by promoting community participation and adding value to the impacted community. Herrian also seeks to extend music beyond Bilbao’s borders, bringing cultural offerings to towns that often have limited access to capital’s cultural events. All of this is done within the framework of an accessible and sustainable event. We also want to thank the support of the Sondika Town Council, as this edition would not have been possible without this institution.

Herrian 2024 in Sondika