Bilbao BBK Live: a cultural and social project

The first edition of Herrian will be held in the towns of Lekeitio and Mungia on June 3 and 10 respectively. The intention is to energise these town’s streets and bring culture to places that don’t have easy access to it and that offer less cultural content.

Bilbao BBK Live has established itself as one of the most outstanding cultural projects in Europe. The festival seeks to enrich the city’s cultural offering and to be a cultural and social tool that adds value to Bilbao, and now, also to greater Biscay. That is why today BBK and Fundación Industrias Creativas [a Creative Industries Foundation in the Basque Country] are presenting activities which will run parallel to the festival. The new standout activity this year is Herrian.

Bilbao BBK Live was born in Kobetamendi in 2006 and has been establishing and defining itself as one of the great qualitative projects in Europe. Since 2011, Bereziak has been boosting the city centre by bringing the spirit of the festival and the live music experience to the public. Six years later Hirian was born, with the aim of bringing interesting artistic offerings to the Biscayan capital’s neighbourhoods: Bilbao La Vieja, Deusto, Santutxu and this edition, Basurto. This year, because of the evolution of the festival, which goes beyond cultural and social barriers, the festival is expanding its horizons with Herrian which adds value and connects municipalities throughout Biscay.

The first edition of Herrian, is born from the union of BBK and Fundación Industrias Creativas, which together alongside Bilbao BBK Live maintain their unwavering commitment to music, culture, and diversity. This social project is established with the aim of creating a unique experience that goes beyond festival limits and becomes a catalyst for social change and cultural enrichment, adding value to citizen’s lives and giving them free access. Herrian also aims to spread music beyond the borders of Bilbao and will do so on June 3 and 10 in Lekeitio and Mungia by bringing an enriching cultural offering to places that are often limited in their access to cultural events in the capital.

BBK Managing Director Gorka Martínez regarding Herrian says: “This year, we want to take things one step further and go beyond the capital to bring the essence of Bilbao BBK Live to our villages. And we are going to do just that with Herrian: a travelling festival that aims to visit different municipalities in Biscay, and to bring culture through music to the citizenry. With this initiative we want to support current musical proposals and local talent. We want it to be a framework to raise awareness about the diversity of Biscayan society, while also seeking to value the use of the Basque language as well as gender identity. And all this happens within the framework of an accessible and sustainable event which has room for 0 Km workshops and gastronomy offerings that are organized in close collaboration with local players.”


For one day Hirian will turn the streets and squares of the emblematic Basurto district into a concrete party with a diverse and avant-garde programming. On Saturday, June 17 for 10 hours, 23 artists will grace the four stages distributed throughout the neighbourhood.

BEREZIAK, the festival comes down to town

Bereziak will continue to be the open access event that brings the spirit of Bilbao BBK Live to the city and promotes dialogue between citizens and major cultural events. This way, the local public will be able to enjoy interesting and exclusive artistic offerings that are often not part of the festival’s lineup.



June 3, 2023



June 10, 2023


Basurto, Bilbao

June 17, 2023



July 6, 7, 8, 2023

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