It is a term commonly used in the Basque Country to refer to the fine rain that falls “little by little, but continuously”.

This is the term we have chosen to present the programme that will run continuously throughout the year as an exquisite appetizer for the long-awaited event at Kobetamendi. The first dates will feature 8 great artists who will perform live over 6 evenings at the emblematic Sala BBK, in the heart of Bilbao. Joe Henry, Nena Daconte, Los Estanques y Anni B Sweet, La Cabra Mecánica, La Paloma + Dadabe and VVV [Trippin’ You].

Joe Henry

15/09/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao

Nena Daconte

22/09/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao

Los Estanques y Annie B Sweet

20/10/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao

La Cabra Mecánica

02/11/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao

La Paloma + Dadabe

05/12/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao


06/12/2023 – Sala BBK, Bilbao