Supereuskadi (campaña)


Join Supereuskadi, a journey through Basque culture and society through the eyes of Vicente Paredes

Take a journey through the culture and society of this land through the eyes of the photographer Vicente Paredes and his photographic essay SuperEuskadi. In this edition of Bilbao BBK Live we join the artist with the common goal of showing you the identity and idiosyncrasy of Euskadi we join the artist with the common goal of showing you the identity and idiosyncrasy of Euskadi. We put our main value in the foreground for you, the territory that has hosted our musical meeting for more than 15 years. We are much more than music, we are an experience where any artistic expression is welcome.


Traditional wind instrument from the Basque Country, made up of two steer horns in a wooden body. The method of playing is continuous insufflation in circular breathing. Although there are innumerable popular melodies, the albokaris have a tendency to free interpretation, and each one imprints his own style and touch.


A word composed by the word Harri=stone and the verb Jaso=to lift. The festival has announced the first artists of its next edition with a striking photograph showing the harrijasotzailes Ousmane Dramé and Garazi Arruti. Both are preparing for the Basque sport pentathlon which, among other tests, includes lifting this 100 kg stone 25 times.


Basque word made up of tximista=lightning; harri=stone. ​​

Tradition dictates that on the 13th of June, the day of San Antonio de Padua, this large rock – Tximistarri – must be circled around seven times. In return, the saint, defender of lost causes, guarantess to find a partner (for those who seek one).

Eusko Pilota

Esku pilota; this Basque word is made up of eskua=hand and pilota=ball. Esku pilota is a special variety of Basque handball. It is played without racquets and bats, and players use their hands to strike the ball. The players or pelotaris wrap them in tape and cloth to protect them.


The name given to this small breed of horse in the Basque Country. A breed that has lived since the Paleolithic Age in the mountainous territories of the Cantabrian coast.

The Basque shepherd

“Euskal artzain txakurra in Basque, is a thousand-year-old dog breed that originated in the Basque Country and has two different varieties, Gorbeiakoa and Iletsua. Known for their instinct to shepherd, guide, and protect sheep while keeping them on course.

Euskal Oiloa

The Euskal Oiloa is a fairly heavy breed: the roosters can weigh up to 3,6 kilos, and the hens around 2,5. Their legs, feet and skin are yellow.